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The Blacksand Group, LLC’s efforts are devoted solely to developing relationships and helping our clients increase their client base. This is accomplished by making face-to-face visits with key decision makers, attending conferences to broaden our Rolodex of contacts, and investing in tangential relationships with other salespeople in order to tap into their extended list of contacts. We also purchase outside databases and targeted publications that provide exceptional intelligence about the institutional marketplace. We have a support staff to assist us and we make ourselves available to our clients on a frequent basis. In short, for the cost of an individual marketer you gain the services and expertise of an entire organization. The Blacksand Group, LLC has developed a reputation in the industry for working with highly talented, but lesser known, investment professionals and is dedicated to assisting our investment professionals who want to access the institutional investor marketplace by providing the following:

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Grow Your Business Efficiently

When increased mobility and wider sales coverage are required, changing the existing sales focus can be extremely challenging and rarely produces the desired results. Attracting, motivating and retaining quality salespeople is a full time job. Outsourcing this function to BSG allows your firm to focus on its core competencies.


Achieve Your Goals

One of the greatest advantages of BSG is accountability because the expectations are negotiated up front. The use of a third party allows you to specify desired results and demand feedback on sales activities. In addition, your sales partner should be able to clearly show the number of contacts, meetings, follow-ups, and sales closed, on a continuous basis.

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Fast Results

Investment professionals understand that one of the most critical elements to success is speed of execution. Whether it’s the purchase and sale of a stock, or the implementation of a sales strategy, rapid action often makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. A third party marketing alliance with BSG allows you to have a proven, highly qualified, national or international sales force in a matter of weeks, not months or years.


The Smart Way to Grow

Infrastructure, compensation, travel, entertainment and incidental costs escalate quickly when you expand your sales effort. Through the use of a variable cost, BSG, you gain the professional results only an experienced sales force can provide and start-up costs are eliminated completely. We receive a percentage of the revenue we create making it easy to evaluate our value added.

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Subject Matter Experts

Relationships matter in the world of sales and marketing. Perhaps no single element of success is more important than continuity of staff and the experience that comes with it. BSG consists of a staff of well-educated investment professionals and has a system to continue to promote from within and grow with you.



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