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The Blacksand Group is a minority owned third-party sales and marketing firm. We bring unique independent research products, data sources and enterprise solutions to the institutional investment community. The Blacksand Group will represent a select roster of research originators, data providers, data analytics companies and technology companies supporting them with a wide range of sales and marketing services. We give assistance with marketing materials; strategic planning and more importantly expand their distribution base.

As a third-party marketer representing a limited number of non competing companies, we take great care in selecting the products and services we represent. We look for partners that fill a particular niche in the market and bring specific added value to the investment professional and their clients. The Blacksand Group is a full service sales and marketing firm. Working with us frees our clients to do what they do best which is work with clients and produce high quality results. We then take the time consuming the role of discovering, qualifying, and traveling to prospective clients.

We will help our research originators reach into new markets. Whether they have an established client base of institutional clients, or have not yet formalized their products and services, we assist our research authors with a sales strategy and direct sales support to help them penetrate the domestic and international money management arena.

From established firms to startups, the vision of The Blacksand Group is to build long-term relationships with a diverse, but select number of high quality financial services organizations. We believe that a thorough understanding of our partners products and services, as well as understanding the strategies and business plans of a wide variety of investment managers, enables us to develop effective sales strategies that provide the necessary foundation for a mutually profitable relationship.  

Let us help you grow your business. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Contact us today and see what we can do for you.



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